Frequently asked questions about visiting Sweden

How do I book accommodation or an activity? – You have to contact the host yourself. You will find the email/telephone number in the specific host´s information.

How do I pay and receive a confirmation? If you book a stay with one of our hosts, you have to pay 20% of the total renting cost within 10 days. The rest you pay a minimum 30 days before arrival. The host will give you all of the information you need and a confirmation of the reservation.

When is high and low season?  Normally at Meet the Swedes the high season starts 1 June and ends 31 August, but there can be exceptions among the hosts.

When do we check-in and check-out for a normal week?  Saturday – Saturday is a normal week, but this can, of course, be discussed with your host.

Is it necessary to book an activity with the host-family? No, not at all – it is voluntary, but we would really recommend it because It can be a very nice memory of your vacation and you get to know a lot more about Sweden through our members!

Who ensures the safety of the activities? Everything is at your own risk and the landlord or the person who offer the activities has no responsibilities.

Does Meet The Swedes guarantee a certain quality-level? We have visited all accommodation and there are some basic criteria that the members must follow. They are advised to install fire alarm and fire extinguishers. They must also offer a clean house, a good bed, possibility to shower and a key of your own. Most of our members are more than qualified for this.

Is it cold in Sweden? During the winter it can be quite cold with lots of snow even here in the south. But we have four seasons and during the summer we can offer a nice and warm climate. Not too hot, but good for swimming in the fjord or lake, hiking, biking, boating etc. Because of our light evenings during the summer we have more sun-hours than most of Europe.

How do I travel to the west coast of Sweden? If you come from the south, you can travel by car from Denmark over to Sweden using the Öresund Bridge, or with ferries from Poland, Germany and Denmark. Also, of course, by direct flights to Göteborg (2 airports: Landvetter and City Airport) and to Oslo in Norway (Rygge, Gardemoen). Look for more information under the heading “Links”.

How do I complain if I am not satisfied with my accommodation? This you must communicate with your host. We do not take any responsibility for this, as our organisation is just an intermediary.

What do I do if this really becomes my favourite vacation? You tell all your friends about this possibility to explore Sweden and the Swedes in a new fantastic way!