About us

Experience Sweden/Bohuslan

Meet the Swedes is a unique initiative from the organisation Destination Uddevalla. It started in 2012 as an EU Leader project because of the need to offer our guests rental of more cottages, rooms and apartments in our area. The west coast of Sweden attracts many people all year round but especially in the summer, where it sometimes can be difficult to find a nice place to stay at a reasonable price.

This is an idea of creating an organisation for people and small companies who offer accomodation and are happy to give a glimpse of their lives to you as guest. Our members are proud of their province and really want to tell you more about it. The meeting becomes a cultural exchange and will enrich the lives of all involved.

We hope you will enjoy your stay and your experience with Meet the Swedes!

//Greetings from mrs. Anneli van Roijen & mrs. Annelie Nithander, at Destination Uddevalla, local tourist marketing organisation.